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DC Comics launches new Watchmen website

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“Watchmen” the movie stormed the Box Office over the weekend, grabbing the number one ranking and making around $55 million. Even though fans have not gushed and cheered the way they did for “The Dark Knight,” the “Watchmen” flick is still making barrels of money.

DC Comics quickly moved to capitalize on the “Watchmen” movie success with a campaign called “After Watchmen … What’s Next? ” according to Publishers Weekly.  As part of that campaign, DC Comics launched a new After Watchmen website today. This is a very slick and glossy site, which showcases a number of superhero, science fiction, and adventure graphic novels like “Batman: Broken City,” ” Wild Worlds,” and “Sentences: The Life of MF Grimm.”

In the Publishers Weekly article, DC senior v-p, sales and marketing Steve Rotterdam said, “We recognize that the success of Watchmen opens doors to new readers, and we’re more than happy to use this opportunity to bring new readers into our world.”

Also, the new After Watchmen website will probably be getting a lot of visits from Hollywood producers looking to create another superhero movie hit.

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