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Director Roman Polanski wants sex charge dropped

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Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski’s attorneys copped a plea in Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday. The lawyers reportedly filed a 239 page motion to have a 30-year-old sex with a minor case dismissed. On what grounds? Well, Polanski’s legal team claims a recent documentary,”Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired,” shows there was misconduct by the prosecutor and judge in the case.

Los Angeles District Attorney’s spokesperson Sandi Gibbons says her office has not seen the motion, but she was not surprised at the action taken by Polanski. Gibbons claims that when it gets close to Academy Awards time, the film director has tried to get his sex case thrown out on a number of occasions.

In 1978, Polanski pleaded guilty to one charge of having sex with a 13-year-old girl, in exchange for having a slew of felony charges dropped. However, when it came time for the sentencing, Polanski skipped the country. The judge issued an arrest warrant for Polanski that still stands. That means Polanski is considered a fugitive from justice.

The 75-year-old Polanski is the director of the classic films, “Chinatown” and “Rosemary’s Baby.” Polanski’s criminal background has not hurt his career. Over the years, he has continued to direct films in Europe.  In fact, he won the best director Oscar for the 2002 Holocaust drama, “The Pianist.”

Also, Polanski is the widower of the late actress Sharon Tate, who was brutally murdered in 1969 by members of the notorious Manson clan.

Meanwhile, a hearing on Polanski’s request to get his sex case dismissed is scheduled for January 21, 2009 in Los Angeles Superior Court. 

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