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Dodgers drama: Frank McCourt still swinging

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Embattled Dodger owner, Frank McCourt, is still fighting to keep control of the team. Yesterday, the Dodgers filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Today McCourt is trying to wrangle enough money to pay the team’s bills. More on McCourt’s  dilemma and an upcoming hearing in U.S. bankruptcy court on the Los Angeles Times website.

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One Response to Dodgers drama: Frank McCourt still swinging

  1. DixieFlyer Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at 7:38 pm #

    When is Mr. McCourt going to get in line for a loan from the City of Burbank?
    The way it goes is you borrow the money –
    then when you can’t pay-it-back,
    you get a loan from the Redevelopment Agency–and then roll both loans together.
    Recently terms could be as swell as a 55year payback!!
    Surely someone on the Staff took enough Creative Writing Classes to sell the City Council on a Win-Win, once again!!

    Any warm thoughts, Miss Fronnie?

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