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Drivers beware! Hands off those cell phones

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Motorists whizz through the intersection of Main Street and Alameda Avenue in Burbank.

Starting today, holding a cell phone to your ear and driving will be against the law. California joins five other states requiring hands-free phones while behind the wheel.
If you get caught, the general fine is $20 for the first time and $50 for any repeats.

California legislators signed the law in 2006, but gave consumers time to get used to the change and to buy the hands-free phone technology for their vehicles.

Another new law taking effect today is even tougher on younger drivers. If you are younger than 18 you can not use any type of cellphone device while driving – 16 other states have similar restrictions.

Some police departments plan to give drivers some time to get used to the new law. Not the Highway Patrol, which is gearing up for an immediate crackdown during the July 4th holiday week. So watch out!

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