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Emergency cell phone ban for train crews

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In light of that disastrous train collision last Friday, state regulators have taken quick action to ban cell phones for some train employees. National Transportation Safety Board investigators say the Metrolink commuter train engineer was text messaging during his shift on the day of the crash.

Yesterday, the state Public Utilities Commission voted unanimously to immediately impose an on- the-job ban on wireless devices for engineers, conductors, and brakemen. The only exceptions; permission granted by superiors, emergencies or when the train is stopped.

If those crew members are caught violating that ban, their employers could be fined as much as $20,000 or the rail service could be shut down.

Meanwhile, a very emotional funeral in Los Angeles yesterday for LAPD Officer Spree DeSha. Hundreds of officers joined family, friends, and dignitaries to honor DeSha.

 The seven-year veteran died when a Metrolink train plowed head-on into a Union Pacific freight train. DeSha was one of the 25 fatalities. More than 130 others were injured. 

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