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“Jackass” star killed in car accident

"Jackass 3D" movie poster

"Jackass 3D" movie poster

 Actor Ryan Dunn was reportedly killed in a horrible car accident early this morning. The 34-year-old star of the  R-rated “Jackass”  movie comedy series apparently died when his Porsche crashed and exploded into flames in Pennsylvania. The Wrap has more on the  tragedy.

“Dilbert” creator in hot water over blog post

The  Internet is buzzing over the recent blunder by Scott Adams, the creator of the “Dilbert” comic strip.  In an attempt to explain the rash of  sex scandals by some prominent men, Adams recently published a  post on his Dilbert website  called, “Society Has Evolved To Keep Males in a State of continuous Unfulfilled Urgers.” 

Galleycat reports the post has generated hundreds of negative comments. Also,  a thousand readers have signed an online petition calling for Adams to apologize for the controversial post.  More here

“Green Lantern” shines bright at the box office

The actual box office numbers are out today and  “Green Lantern”  is in the number one spot.  “Green Lantern” beat the competition with a $53 million debut over the weekend.  There  are complaints the picture should have made millions more . Maybe so, but you gotta take into account that the “Green Lantern” isn’t the best known superhero and that could be a factor in its modest opening.  More on Box Office Mojo about the “Green Lantern” numbers and the other top movies.

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