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Entertainment Bits: “Iron Man 3” tickets, Reese Witherspoon, and Matthew McConaughey

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Flap over “Iron Man 3” tickets

Iron Man 3 movie poster

Make no mistake about it, the dispute involving Disney and some of the top theater chains is about money. Big Money. Several chains, including the AMC, are refusing to offer advance tickets for “Iron Man 3,” one of the major releases of the year. Disney wants to re-negotiate it’s deal with these theaters. Not much time left to wheel and deal . The film opens a week from this Friday. More on the Business Insider website.

Reese Witherspoon in damage control

Photo: Atlanta Dept. of Corrections

Photo: Atlanta Dept. of Corrections

Actress Reese Witherspoon is trying to put out the media fire ignited when news broke that she had been arrested last Friday night in Atlanta. Witherspoon and hubby, CAA agent Jim Toth, were reportedly pulled over by a cop. Apparently Toth, who was behind the wheel, was seen driving erratically. Toth was booked on suspicion of DUI. Witherspoon got into an exchange with the officer and was then arrested allegedly for disorderly conduct.

Tonight Witherspoon was due to appear on  “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” to promote her new movie, “Mud,” however, the actress has canceled that engagement and a number of others. MTV has more.

Matthew McConaughey’s new clothing line

Witherspoon’s co-star in the coming of age film, “Mud,” is Matthew McConaughey is getting some positive press for a new venture. McConaughey has launched a new active wear clothing line called “JKL” for just keep living. According to the JKL website, a portion of every sale will go to McConaughey’s Just Keep Living Foundation, which supports  after school fitness and wellness programs. Details here.  By the way, “Mud” opens in theaters this Friday.

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