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Entertainment Buzz: Classic variety show at Burbank’s Big Victory Theatre

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A talented lineup is getting ready to take to the stage in “The Aubree Sweeney Variety Show”  at the Big Victory Theatre in Burbank this coming Saturday, April 11. Producer, Aubree Sweeney, is a writer, comedian, and actress who regularly appears at Flappers Comedy Club, which has locations in Burbank and Claremont. The event goal is to bring back “the thrill of the classic variety show,” Sweeney explains in a news release.

Sweeney admits she “has always been a fan of variety shows and has been hugely influenced by Carol Burnett.” Instead of waiting around for the television networks to revive the genre, the Burbanker decided to give it a rebirth of sorts right here in the Media City.

The talent slate has some faces you may have seen on television or at the movies, including Ayman Samman who appeared in the box office hit, “American Sniper” (2014).

Ayman Samman photo Photo courtesy : Aubree Sweeney

Ayman Samman photo courtesy : Aubree Sweeney

Also, scheduled to appear Kody Fields from the  TV series “Deadtime Stories” , Scout Durwood “Dream Job” (2012) and TV series “The Mindy Project,” the Bonsai Lumberjacks Improv Team and musical guest Dave Sampen.

The Big Victory Theatre is at 3326 West Victory Boulevard in B-town. The show starts at  7 p.m. Tickets are on sale now. Details here.

The Aubree Sweeney Variety Show poster

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