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Experts test special shield to protect cities from earthquakes

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Putting a shield around a city to protect it from an earthquake, sounds like science fiction — but it’s something experts are seriously studying. A group of French scientists reportedly have made promising steps towards the development of a protective shield, which would clock a city from the most severe effects of a quake.

During an experiment, the scientists created a shield by “using several five-meter-deep boreholes in the ground. When a quake hits, the holes redirect vibrations to a less-populated nearby area so they’ll do less damage,” according to Engadget.

The problem with the shield idea is you really can’t direct earthquake vibrations to a neighboring city and be, ah, good neighbor. Directing the seismic waves to an unpopulated section of desert or even the ocean might be a better option, especially here in SoCal.

The preliminary findings in the lab were successful, opening the door to the possibility one day of  having “… a way of mitigating the destructive effects of earthquakes.”

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