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First Lady Laura Bush gets a deal to write a memoir

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The President is still hoping for a deal, but his wife Laura Bush has signed on the dotted line to write a memoir. Several publishers were interested. Yesterday, a deal was announced with Scribner, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. The Laura Bush memoir is scheduled to hit the market in 2010, according to Publishers Weekly.

No one is talking about how much the deal is worth, however, the publisher did say it will “provide a candid and personal perspective,” and include the eight years in The White House. President Bush has made no secret of his desire to write a “set the record straight” book after he leaves office. So far there are no takers, due mostly to the President Bush’s dismal approval rating with the public.

This is not Mrs. Bush’s first book deal. Last April, HarperCollins published a children’s book by the First Lady and daughter Jenna Bush called, “Read All About It.”  The classroom adventure for young kids has not been a hit. Today it ranked 17,157 on Amazon and 4, 894 on the Barnes & Noble website. Perhaps, Mrs.Bush will have better luck with her memoir.

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