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First Lady Michelle Obama volunteers at a soup kitchen

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First Lady Michelle Obama continues to reach out to the less fortunate and she encourages others to do the same. Last Thursday, the first lady took time out from her busy schedule to serve food to the homeless at Miriam’s Kitchen, a non-profit organization, in Washington, D.C.

Miriam’s Kitchen strives to provide healthy nutritious meals. On the menu, mushroom risotto cooked in chicken stock, morning glory muffins with apples, carrots and pecans, fresh baked whole wheat rolls, and fruit salad. 

On The White House Blog, Mrs. Obama described Miriam’s Kitchen as: “… an example of what we can do, as a country and as a community, to help folks when they’re down. We’re all going to need one another in these times. We’re going to need to keep lifting each other up, in prayer and in hope.” 

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