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Gary Bric wins big in Burbank primary election

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Election results graphic

Burbank City Councilman Gary Bric has much to celebrate. Bric easily won re-election in yesterday’s Primary Nominating Election. Here’s the vote count for the two open seats on the city council.

  • Gary Bric — 4, 642
  • Bob Frutos — 3, 071
  • Emily Gabel-Luddy — 3, 845
  • Jackie Waltman — 2, 131

Sadly, only 8, 073 Burbank voters cast their ballots in this election. One of the lowest voter turnouts ever for a city with at least 6 times that many registered voters. Bric wins re-election with more than 50 percent of the vote. Frutos and Gabel-Luddy will battle it out, in the coming weeks, for the remaining open seat on the council with a showdown in the April 12, 2011 General  Election. (check out the new election countdown in the far right column of this blog)

Bric’s win is a personal victory and more. It will be seen by many as a public sign of approval for some of the city council’s most controversial decisions: jacking up the cost of utilities, handing out huge raises to Burbank Water and Power honcho, Ron Davis, and his executive posse, and the continued support of those secretive merit-pay bonuses for certain city employees.

In his campaign, Bric did not back away from these decisions — instead — he defended them. And he got re-elected. Also, Bric’s strange involvement in that North Screenland Drive sidewalk vote debacle apparently didn’t hurt his campaign at all.

Oh, and for the diligent staff that comes up with all those budget plans to cut services while keeping the raises and perks for city employees — they’re probably thrilled enough to dance in the streets — knowing it will continue to be business as usual at City Hall.

The Burbank Board of Education

Also, the three incumbents in the school board race won comfortable victories in their bids for re-election, yesterday. Here’s that vote count.

  • Ted Bunch — 4,373
  • Roberta Grande-Reynolds — 4, 491
  • Dave L. Kemp — 5, 041
  • Gregory Bragg — 3,318

Yes, there was an election in Burbank on Tuesday, February 22.. The majority of Media City voters blew-it off and by doing so, said “no” to change and “yes” to keeping things the way they are.

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