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“Gran Torino” out runs the competition at the Box Office

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Clint Eastwood producer/star/director of “Gran Torino.”


The New Year is off to a great start for 78-year-old mega-star Clint Eastwood. His new film, “Gran Torino,” went into wide release this weekend; and quickly barreled right to the top of the Box Office to park in the number one spot. “Gran Torino” pulled in an estimated $29 million, the best opening ever for an Eastwood film.

“Gran Torino” is a drama about a gruff Korean War veteran, played by Eastwood, who stands-up for some victimized immigrants in his Detroit neighborhood. Eastwood produced and directed the film as well. After five weeks, “Gran Torino” has chalked up $40 million and a lot of Oscar buzz. Eastwood has won four Academy Awards; they are for best picture and best director for the films “Unforgiven” in 1993 and “Million Dollar Baby” in 2005. 

 Coming in second, the new romantic comedy “Bride Wars” raked in $21.5 million, followed closely by the  new horror flick, “The Unborn” with $21 million. “Marley & Me” takes fourth with a haul of $11 million and rounding out the top five, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” with around $9 million.

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