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Greg Sousa wants to be an independent voice on the Burbank School Board

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Photo courtesy University of Alabama

Photo courtesy University of Alabama

Greg Sousa, a Burbank parent, is one of six candidates competing for three open seats on the Burbank School Board. Sousa, a veteran and graduate student in law, wants to be the independent voice for parents on the board. Here are his answers to the questions I sent out to school board candidates in the 2015 city elections.


1. What are the biggest problems facing the Burbank school district? And what solutions do you have for those problems?

The biggest problem facing the Burbank Unified School District is the apparent lack of leadership and accountability. Sometimes district staff has an almost adversarial attitude towards parents and the board, and they seem to be less than forthcoming regarding certain issues.

The solution is simply more oversight. The board has a duty to hold the superintendent accountable to the community, as well as a duty to seek answers from the superintendent and district staff.

2. What are the skills and experience you have acquired that make you the best candidate for a seat on the Burbank School Board?

In the military, one learns that an organization, even one staffed by good people, needs strong oversight to stay on track.  As a parent who is not part of the district establishment, I am able to provide that oversight, without the worry of ruffling a few feathers.

3. Does your educational background and experience give you a unique insight or perspective?

My legal education makes me better prepared to interpret the multitude of statutes and administrative regulations that apply to our schools. My training in tax law also gives me a more analytical perspective, which is especially valuable when trying to prioritize among competing interests.


The Burbank primary is next month, February 24.


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