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Guest Blogger: The weather, life, and happy days

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Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

There’s a proverb that says that having clear and sunny days all the time creates deserts.

Of course everybody wishes to have bright and happy days all the time, but if every single day was like that, we could forget what happiness is.

It is natural for there to be rain, snow, wind, thunder, and lightning on some days and for other days to be clear and sunny.

It is the human condition to be happy sometimes and sad other times. There are times we laugh and there also times we cry. This is all normal.

apple tree free clipart

In order for a tree to produce a bright red and ripe apple, the tree has to go through the cold winter, sunshine, rain, and withstand sometimes harsh winds. All of those things are necessary.

These life conditions are similar to what I experience as a dry cleaner. There are times when I am happy and there are times when things are difficult.

Sometimes customers bring in clothes with stains that are easy to get rid of, other stains are a little more difficult to clean, and still there are other stains that won’t go away no matter how hard I try. There are days when there are a lot customers and there are days where there are very little.

If we could take all these things, good and bad, and decide that we are still going to be happy, I think we could make every day a happy day no matter what.

It is now towards the end of August. The summer is almost over.

I hope that you can enjoy every day as a happy day in the month of September!



Jean Youn is the owner of Value Village Cleaners at 912 West Glenoaks Boulevard in Glendale 91202. For details on services, coupons and more, check out the Value Village Cleaners website  here.

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