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Harris Poll: Where do Americans get their news?

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Whether it’s a retro-set or a high-tech big screen model,  most Americans prefer getting their news from TV, according to a recent Harris Poll. The survey was taken between August 13-20, 2012 and released last week. Around 2,300 adults took part. Sixty-eight percent expressed an interest in keeping up with news events. The figures from that poll showed 50 per cent of those questioned turn on the TV when they want to get the news, 36 percent go online, and a distance 10 percent rely on print.

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Meanwhile, tonight is the first of the crucial  presidential debates. Both President Barack Obama and Republican Challenger Mitt Romney have been prepping hard for the showdown at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. The subject is domestic policy. Show time is 6 p.m. our time. By the way, the TV audience for this debate is expected to be around 60 million!

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