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High gas prices continue

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Despite high prices millions gas up and hit the roads and highways.

Today is get-away day for many folks traveling during the long 4th of July holiday weekend. The price for a gallon of gas is well over $4 in most places. Still, the Automobile Club of Southern California predicts that eighty percent of Southland travelers or 2.4 million will go by car. That’s less than a one percent decrease compared to last year.

“Our record gas prices clearly are affecting travel for the second holiday in a row, but not by a significant amount,” said Auto Club spokesman Jeffrey Spring in a press release from AAA.(Disclosure: I’m a AAA member).

Statewide, 3.9 million Californians are expected to be on the roads over the next few days.

Meanwhile, the Auto Club estimates that 420,000 local travelers will be hopping a plane during the long holiday and that is a 3.2 percent drop from 2007. Apparently, more folks would rather deal with the high gas prices than the hassles of trying to catch a flight.

Nationally, more than 40 million Americans are expected to travel as part of their 4th of July celebration.

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