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Holiday Tidbits: How to save 1,000 calories and still celebrate

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Want to keep your holiday calorie in-take in check, remember to go for white meat instead of dark. A decision like that can save you a few hundred calories during this holiday season of eat, drink, and be merry. The InStyle website has a nice reminder post on how you can make some sensible choices with a little extra effort.

Jackie Keller, a celebrity wellness coach for stars like Reese Witherspoon and Charlize Theron, has this suggestion for slowing down the urge to graze at the food tables:”Trick yourself into allowing the brain to kick in and make healthy choices by occupying your hands with a glass of water or wine.”

Some suggestions from the post: pick red wine instead of fancy cocktails, snack on almonds rather than cheese and crackers, and stay away from pecan pie — go for pumpkin and you’ll save more than 100 calories per average slice. If you can make some smart food choices you probably will not gain weight during the holidays. Or you can just feast now and worry about your weight in the New Year. Been there, done that. Either way, enjoy!

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