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Hollywood spec script market heats up

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A screenplay

The spec script market appears to be catching fire and that’s a good thing for all of Hollywood. More scripts that sell, more production, and more jobs.  Last night, Sony Pictures came out the victor in a lively auction for the spec script, “Agent OX,” by Daniel Kunka, according to

Neal Moritz’s Original Pictures will produce “Agent OX.” Moritz is the prolific producer behind “The Green Hornet,” “I Am Legend,” and “Battle: Los Angeles” — opening this weekend.

Several major studios and production companies were involved in the bidding. The sci-fi action screenplay revolves around a human spy living on another planet who must go into action to save Earth from an invasion by the aliens. The script sold for mid-six figures.  Deadline has more on the auction, the script, and some interesting comments from some of the folks in town who say they’ve read this hot property.

Some of the other spec screenplays that got snatched up this week include “The Last Witness” by Stefan Jaworski, “The Nameless” by Chris Bullett, and “Monsters of the Midway” by Jeff Lowell.

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