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Horror trumps romance at the holiday Box Office

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On this Valentine’s Day weekend most of the moviegoers were not looking for hearts, flowers, and romance. Surprisingly, the biggest crowds opted for a good fright by packing the theaters to see the new version of  “Friday the 13th.” This horror re-make of the bloody adventures of the machete wielding killer, Jason Voorhees, pulled in an estimated $42 million over the weekend to become the number one film in the country.

Variety claims  “Friday the 13th” had the best opening ever for a horror movie and may break other records before the four-day-holiday weekend is over. Presidents Day is tomorrow, making this a double holiday weekend.   

Last week’s top movie the romantic comedy, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” dropped to second place with an estimated $19.6 million, followed by the thriller, “Taken,” in third with $19.2 million.

The new chick flick, “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” based on the bestselling novel, debuted with about $15.4 million for fourth and rounding out the top five, the family animation “Coraline” with $15.3 million.

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