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Hot Spidey-Obama comic fifth edition released today

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President Barack Obama is not only making news on the economic front, but in the comic book world as well. Today Marvel Comics  released a fifth edition of its now famous Amazing Spider-Man # 583 featuring President Obama: “After numerous sold out printings, Marvel is going back to press with a record fifth printing arriving in stores February 18. Now’s your chance to experience the story uniting President Barack Obama with the character that, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he named his favorite super hero!”

 The first Spidey-Obama comic hit stores on January 14, 2009. Even when the original price of $3.99 jumped to $40 in some places, the issue sold out in a flash! Marvel quickly went back to press for a second, third, fourth, and now a fifth edition with the Lincoln Memorial on the cover.

 I dropped by the House of Secrets on Olive Avenue In Burbank around 11:30 this morning hoping to pick up a copy of the new Spidey-Obama comic. Well, I got disappointed like many others who called or came into this comic book shop today. New comics are released on Wednesdays, but House of Secrets Manager Erik Warfield says for some unknown reason their order of the new Spidey-Obama comic did not come in.

So I took a drive to Legacy Comics and Cards on Wilson Avenue in Glendale and got lucky. Legacy had the new fifth edition of the Spidey-Obama comic, along with copies of the second, third, and fourth editions. The price was $3.99 each, except for the second edition, which was $9.99.  Assistant Manager Aaron Eaton says the second edition cost more because its yellow background has attracted a lot of interest from collectors. 

The Spidey-Obama comics are on sale at speciality & novelty shops, as well as online at websites including  Amazon.

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