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How many watched the first Obama & McCain debate?

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Millions of people tuned in to watch last Friday’s presidential debate between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain. How many? The debate at the University of Mississippi drew 54.4 million viewers, according to the Nielsen ratings. That’s about 16 percent less than the first debate between President George Bush and Senator John Kerry in 2004.

Still, the most watched presidential debate remains the 1980 face-off between President Jimmy Carter and Republican contender/California Governor Ronald Reagan. That showdown pulled in 80.6 million viewers.

Tomorrow, the vice-presidential candidates, Senator Joe Biden and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, will square off at Washington University in St. Louis at 6.p.m Pacific Time.  Governor Palin  is reportedly in Arizona preparing for the debate. Senator Biden is said to be getting a feel for debating a woman by sparring lately  with Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. This debate may turn out to be the action-packed confrontation that many expected of last week’s presidential rumble.

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