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In The News: January 20, 2015

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Colorful in the news graphicTerrorists threaten to kill two Japanese hostages unless they get $200 million ransom!  CNN

“American Sniper,” Clint Eastwood’s Iraq war drama, took aim at the box office over the long MLK holiday weekend and made history. It grabbed the number one spot and the crown for the most successful winter film opening ever. Oh, and the film is a top Oscar contender with a slew of nominations. CNN Forbes Variety

Lay-offs coming  to DreamWorks Animation reportedly due to underperformance at the Box Office of studio films like “Penguins of Madagascar” (2014). The cutbacks are expected to hit “… animators, story-board artists and other production personnel and support staff at the studio’s Glendale ..” location according to the Los Angeles Times. Hundreds could lose their jobs. The layoffs come after efforts to sell the studio failed. The Hollywood Reporter.

A lot of reports out about the tragic death of  fitness model, actor and reality TV star, Greg Plitt. The 37 year-old fitness expert was part of an unauthorized film crew at the Metrolink site in Burbank where he was hit and killed by a train last Saturday. Also, Plitt was allegedly trying to get some “action shots” when the unfortunate accident occurred. More on USA Today

Pope Francis says Catholics do not have to mate “like rabbits” to be good Christians.  Yahoo News   NBC News

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