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In the News: More money for millions of U.S. workers

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Overtime pay for salaried workers: President Obama and the U.S. Labor Department announced the update of overtime regulations today. Hourly workers are guaranteed overtime. Now, thanks to the federal rule update, most white-collar employees making less than $47, 476 will be guaranteed overtime for working more than 40 hours a week. At least four million workers will be impacted, half of them women.

Check out the video here for more on who will benefit from this update.


Netflix female star demands and gets equal pay: Actress Robin Wright is speaking out about how she got equal pay on the NetFlix hit series, “House of Cards.” Wright says she threatened to go public unless her salary got bumped up to that of co-star Kevin Spacey. And she got it.Meanwhile despite some gains, the gender pay gap still remains.  MarketWatch


LinkedIn hack of millions of  emails and passwords: A hack that took place back in 2012 is coming back to haunt the professional social media network, LinkedIn. Reports say a hacker has put up for sale 117 million emails and passwords from LinkedIn members. LinkedIn is said to be trying to contact affected users so they can reset their passwords. Techcrunch , Forbes


Newspaper giant goes after L.A. Times parent company:  Gannett Company has upped its bid to buy Tribune Publishing to $15 a share. Tribune owns the Los Angeles Times, which owns the Burbank Leader and several other community newspapers. Gannett owns more than 100 newspapers including USA Today. Gannett appears to be determined to make a deal. LA Observed , CNN

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