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James Gandolfini dies in Italy leaves behind unfinished business

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James Gandolfini 1961 - 2013

James Gandolfini 1961 – 2013

The extraordinary actor who made the mobster Tony Soprano both tough and sexy, James Gandolfini, is being remembered today. Gandolfini died yesterday. He was only 51. A heart attack is suspected, but the official word will come after an autopsy.

Gandolfini was reportedly on a father-son-vacation in Italy when tragedy struck. His eight grader son, Michael, reportedly found his father “collapsed” in the bathroom of a hotel. Gandolfini was pronounced dead at a hospital  in Rome a short time later.

As the star of the HBO legendary hit drama, “The Sopranos,” Gandolfini was nominated for six Emmys and won three. Gandolfini leaves behind several TV projects, which are now in limbo. Deadline has details.

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