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Jay Leno says good-bye to the “Tonight Show”

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Photo: NBC

After 17 years, Jay Leno hosted his last official “Tonight Show” taping this evening with laughs, gags, memories, and some favorite guests. Some of the entertainer’s fans in the audience had spent hours in line to make sure they got a chance to watch the taping of Leno’s finale.

Leno is not heading off into the sunset for retirement, at least not yet anyway. Actually, Leno and his crew are moving into new digs on the NBC lot in Burbank and will soon be gearing up for a new program. “The Jay Leno Show” is a five-nights a week prime time variety program scheduled to get underway this fall. Oh, Conan O’Brien is taking over the “Tonight Show” hosting job.

 This fall when both shows are on the air, we’ll see who delivers the best program with the highest ratings. You know, a little healthy competition might be good for both shows. 

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2 Responses to Jay Leno says good-bye to the “Tonight Show”

  1. oscar Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 3:02 pm #

    watched the show last night. Great show. Leno got a little teary eyed. Can’t blame him though after all it’s been 17 years.
    I’m actually glad he’s moving to an earlier time and continuing to make a show. I don’t think Conan stands a chance in a competition with Leno, but I wish them both good luck.

  2. Fronnie Lewis Sunday, May 31, 2009 at 12:26 am #


    I’m a fan of Jay Leno’s as well. I think he has a good chance of making his prime time 10 p.m. weekly show work. I think Jay has the edge over Conan, too. But you never know.

    Conan could be a super success on the “Tonight Show” during the summer months. Bottom line, we will just have to see what happens when both talk show hosts are on the air come September.

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