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Jay Leno’s monologue on first night back on “The Tonight Show”

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File Photo: Jay Leno

Jay Leno returned to his old gig as host of “The Tonight Show” on Monday.  I guess it’s going to take a while before Leno and staff get their “Tonight Show” groove back.  Last night’s monologue seemed a bit stiff and light on the throw-down funny jokes. Still, there were a few smile-worthy zingers.

Jay Leno

”It’s good to be home.  I’m Jay Leno your host… at least for a while.  ”

“This is something you may have heard on ’60 Minutes.’  Blackwater Worldwide, the State Department’s largest contractor… those guys we hired as guards. Well, now they have been accused of hiring prostitutes with tax dollars and putting them on the company payroll. In fact, they say this is the first time tax money has ever been used to pay whores since that Wall Street bailout.”

“Speaking of getting screwed. The airlines are going to begin charging a fee for flying standby. They are going to charge you a fee to standby. In fact, they don’t even call it standby anymore. It’s now called ‘Stand and Bend Over.'” Leno’s Monday monologue, complete text and video, at The Wrap.

Oh, there’s a new website for “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” It’s got a lot of flash and things to check out. I found it all rather so-so. Let’s see if Leno and crew can bring back that old “Tonight Show” spark or maybe even something new and interesting. I could dig that.

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  1. Jane Grober Tuesday, March 16, 2010 at 2:30 am #

    Thanks for the post, your website looks great! I have been falling behind staying updated with the whole Jay/Conan thing this past month but it should be interesting!

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