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Jean Youn: Colorado shooting and one couple’s love story

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First, it is the news of a terrible tragedy. I mean the movie theater shooting which happened in Aurora, Colorado the other day. I am so heartbroken and want to pray for the victims and their families.

I want to share a small but warm story with those of you who are saddened by the tragic massacre. It is about a couple, Devin and Crystal Maxwell, who have been married since March 2010.

Devin is a seaman in the US Navy. He got his orders to be deployed for eight months to the Middle East, which is still a very dangerous place. He left a present, a large black box, for Crystal and told her to open it after he left. After Devin left, Crystal opened the box and was surprised and grateful to find out how much he loves her. In the box, there were 241 letters, one for each day they could not be together. They were love letters which Devin had written to Crystal. As she read one letter a day, she started posting some of the letters on the Internet site “Reddit” and thus far the love stories of a seaman couple have received over 26 million views.

Before being deployed to dangerous places, soldiers may do a variety of things in their own ways. What Devin Maxwell chose was to write to his beloved wife. Some people may choose to read the letters which they received and cherish them only in their hearts. Crystal chose to share them with others.

Compared to the tragedy that occurred in Aurora, the story of the Maxwells may be minor news. However, I believe that small but heartwarming news like this may be less audible and visible, but happens a lot more frequently than tragedies like that deadly theater shooting, especially in America where we live.

This is the link to the story of the Maxwells and their love letters on Yahoo.

I wish that you’ll have a week filled with love stories and love letters.


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