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Jean Youn: Fourth of July, fireworks, and General Douglas MacArthur

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colorful 4th of July clip art

This year, Independence Day falls on Wednesday. It is in the middle of the week.

Do you have any special plans for the Fourth of July?

By the way, what comes first to your mind about Independence Day?

For me, it is the fireworks.

Though each firework show looks similar at a glance, we realize quickly that each draws a different picture.

Fireworks can be displayed splendidly only in the night sky. The night sky is dark and pitch-black. But without the dark and pitch-black background, fireworks could not be bright and beautiful. In other words, to display the burning passion of the fireworks brightly and beautifully requires darkness.

The words ‘dark’ and ‘pitch-black’ also symbolize difficulties. If there is a bright day, there must be a dark night. Likewise, everybody has some difficulties as well as joy and happiness.

To brighten the darkness, there must be a passion like a flame.

Now the first half of this year has passed.I wish that during the second half of the year 2012 you will have unyielding passion, whatever circumstances you may have.

There is one American about whom almost every Korean knows. He was General Douglas MacArthur who was the commander of the allied forces during the Korean War. He said: “Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul.”
I will continue to work hard with a wish that my customers will consider me as “a passionate cleaner without quitting.”
Happy Fourth of July!



Jean Youn is the owner of Value Village Cleaners at 912 West Glenoaks Boulevard in Glendale 91202. For details on services, coupons and more, check out the Value Village Cleaners website  here .

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