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Jean Youn: Goose Dads

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Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

It seems that some of my customers really like geese.
I noticed that some of them like goose designs on their shirts or pants.

Today I would like to share with you a story about geese.
In Korea, there is a title called ‘goose dad.’ This isn’t talking about the leader in a flock of geese flying in V formation.

It’s a title given to dads who send their children and wives to the United States or Canada so the children can learn English. The goose dads stays back in Korea to make money to send to his family. They only see their families about once or twice a year. This why they are goose dads, because they fly back and forth like geese do when they migrate between seasons.

However, I don’t think that’s a proper title for these dads.

Geese are migratory birds, yes. However, when they travel long distances, they don’t travel alone, they travel in groups.

No matter how difficult circumstances are, I think it is of the utmost importance for families to stay together, kind of like how geese stay together when they travel.

I hope that even though some people might be physically away from family and loved ones, I hope that each and every one of us would be together with those we love in spirit.


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