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Jean Youn: Happy New Year again

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Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

 Tomorrow is the beginning of a new year on the Lunar Calendar. It’s the day that many Americans know as Chinese New Year.

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In China, it is called Chun Jie, which means the beginning of spring. It is also the day of the biggest festival of the entire year.

Other countries like Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia etc. that surround China also celebrate this day as the beginning of the year.

In Korea this day is called Suhl Nahl.

Unlike in China, it is not a day of a big festival. Suhl Nahl translates to “refrain me to be careful.” Considering the day as a fresh start to a new year, it is a day to be careful of what you say and do.

Traditionally, Koreans bow and offer blessings to their ancestors who have passed on and also bow and offer blessings to living parents and grandparents.

Another tradition is for husband and wife to bow and offer blessings to each other also. (This traditions is no longer observed.)

Every culture has its own unique traditions.
Also, traditions change as generations go by, similarly to the way fashion trends in clothing size, color, and styles change.

However, I hope that no matter what country you are from or what traditions and customs you hold, people will continue to respect one another, similar to the expression of respect that is shown in the traditional bow and blessings that Korean husbands and wives gave to one another.

In the same way, I guarantee that I will offer the same respect to every item of clothing that I clean and do my best with each of them.

This is the traditional blessing that is offered along with the traditional bow, and I would like to offer it to you, saehae bok mani badeuseyo, which means that I hope you receive many blessings this new year.


Jean Youn is the owner of Value Village Cleaners at 912 West Glenoaks Boulevard in Glendale 91202. For details on services, coupons and more, check out the Value Village Cleaners website  here.

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