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Jean Youn: Is it May or March again?

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Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

February this year has 29 days, instead of 28, because it is a leap year which comes every four years.

Now, the solar calendar is the one which most of the countries on the globe use. However, there are some countries which use both the solar and the lunar calendar, especially in the Orient. China and Korea are representative among them.

The solar calendar year has 365 days, but the lunar year has only 354 days. In other words, the lunar calendar is shorter that the solar one by 11 days.

A leap year in the solar calendar system, which occurs every four years, has 366 days. But a leap year in the lunar calendar system comes every three years and has 13 months, instead of 12 months. This additional month is called a leap month. In the lunar calendar, now it is leap March, the second March of this year.

One interesting thing is that in Chinese culture, a leap month is considered as an unlucky month for doing as little as possible. In contrast, in Korean culture, it is regarded as an extraordinary month when good outcomes will come whatever you may try to do.

Though it is the same period of time, the ways to assign and interpret are completely different. Of course, it is not about which is right or wrong. It is just a difference in old tradition and culture.

Whether the solar or the lunar calendar is used, both calendars must reflect the same set of time and the same thought that time is precious. So the calendar systems adjust themselves to the celestial time.

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