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Jean Youn: the Korean War and pop singer Insoony

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Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

A certain day or month reminds us of something special. Of course, everybody may have different things in mind. In June, what comes first to your mind?

In June, most of the Korean people, maybe except the very young generation, think about “the Korean War,” which has another name, “the Forgotten War.” The war broke out on June 25, 1950.

A pop singer was born out of the historic event.

To be sure, she may not be familiar to you and you may have never heard her name. But in Korea she is as popular as “Lady Gaga” in America. She is “Insoony” who was born to an African American soldier and a Korean woman.

Her name, “Insoony,” is really a typical Korean name.

Perhaps you who are reading this post cannot understand the prejudice and difficulties which she had to endure in the Korean society. Aside from what is right or wrong, bitterness of life caused by the cultural differences can be truly felt only by those who had experienced it personally.

Insoony grew up without her father.

She said, “To live a life is like to meet the wind. Though the wind always blows toward me, it disappears behind me instantly.”

Maybe it will be very hard for you and me to fully understand the deep meaning of her words. That’s simply because we cannot be her. However, we could understand her a little bit, if we would try to understand her situation.

Listen to the incredible talent of Insoony as she sings in this video with the American group All 4 One.


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