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Joe the Plumber becomes Joe the Author

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Joe the Plumber is really stretching his 15 minutes of fame. He’s that Ohio plumber who had a chat with then Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on the campaign trail, early last month. Joe, whose real name is Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, came away from that encounter criticizing Obama’s tax plan.

Republican Presidential candidate John McCain leaped on this and outed Joe and his experience with Obama during the third presidential debate. It put Joe in the spotlight and despite his complaints about the media attention, he has been clinging to the fringes of that spotlight ever since.

So now it’s official, Joe the Plumber has signed a book deal with small Texas based PearlGate Publishing. The publisher’s author, Thomas N. Tabback, will help Joe write his book, which is entitled, “Joe The Plumber: Fighting for the American Dream.”

After meeting Obama, Joe said he didn’t think Obama was all that. Well, let’s see how Joe’s book stacks up against the several written by the president-elect. Joe’s book is scheduled to be released on December first.  

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