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Juan Guillen officially joins 2015 race for Burbank City Council

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Photo: FLLewis / Media City G -- Juan Guillen, city council candidate, at Starbucks 300 North San Fernando Blvd. Burbank October 25, 2014

Photo: FLLewis / Media City G — Juan Guillen, city council candidate, at Starbucks 300 North San Fernando Blvd. Burbank October 25, 2014

Juan Guillen, insurance specialist and community activist, has officially joined the 2015 race for Burbank City Council. He’s the latest of several candidates to take that step. Guillen made the announcement to me last Saturday during a chat at the Starbucks on North San Fernando Boulevard in Downtown Burbank. Guillen made an unsuccessful attempt for a council seat back in 2013, but impressed many with his intelligence and passion for the city and its residents.

While some candidates who failed to get elected disappear from the public eye, Guillen says he “never stopped doing — and representing the community.”  The 35 year-old Guillen is the vice-chair of the Burbank Board of Library Trustees, trustee of the Burbank Veterans of Foreign Wars,on the board of the Burbank Salvation Army, member of Burbank Coordinating Council, member of Burbank Sunrise Rotary and a volunteer for the Bike Angels. ( a partial list.) Also, the former marine and Iraq War veteran has a B.A. from California State University, Northridge and teaches fitness classes through the Burbank Adult School.

Guillen says one of his mottos is to “serve, listen, and represent.” In the past, he has become involved with a number of controversial issues  like North Screenland sidewalks, hillside neighborhood private gates, and Magnolia Boulevard merchants dispute over parking problems. Guillen says it’s “… never the wrong time to do the right thing.”

“This is my city and I’m proud of it,” Guillen told me and then added that no matter the outcome of the election, ” I will continue to serve it.”

Here are Guillen’s responses to three questions I am asking each council candidate:

1. Why are you the best candidate for a seat on the Burbank City Council?

I am a resident and small business owner who LOVES OUR  CITY ! I will bring a youthful energy to our city council. As a Veteran I believe our community, our neighborhoods, and our quality of life are worth protecting.  I will work to ensure that the voices of our residents are heard and resident involvement is encouraged.  This is my commitment to my community.

2. What are the major problems facing the city that you can help solve?

Preserving the quality of life in our neighborhoods and throughout our city should be at the center of every decision we make. We must ensure that we engage our residents and not simply wait for them to come to city hall when a problem arises.  Burbank is a community where neighbors know one another and work together for the good of their neighborhood and our overall community.  Residents are the biggest assets that our city has and our quality of life is something that we must protect.  I believe that I can address these issues by being a leader who brings our residents together, listens to their voices and helps them to be directly involved in addressing the issues we face.

3. What are the biggest concerns of residents? What do you think the city council should do to alleviate those concerns?

While resident concerns may change from day to day, at the heart of the concern is always the quality of life in our community. Traffic, street repair, mansionization, overdevelopment, and other issues should be approached proactively with effective outreach to residents that ensures that their voices are heard and they are actively included in the solutions.


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5 Responses to Juan Guillen officially joins 2015 race for Burbank City Council

  1. Al in SoCal Wednesday, November 5, 2014 at 10:42 pm #

    My question would be “do you think what the majority would like is always the best? Name one item where you feel your interests and the majority in Burbank would disagree?”

    I’m pretty sick of these candidates who are so ready to appease the vocal crowd at any cost – no matter what. How about someone with some chutzpah to disagree once in awhile (not all the time – but when the interests of the city and public diverge – yes there ARE times like that)

  2. Juan Guillen Thursday, November 6, 2014 at 10:17 am #

    No, what the majority would like is not always best.

    Ex. I spoke in favor of the gates in the private community.
    Although most of the community did not like the idea of
    the gates, I felt it was a private property issue. That is why
    I supported the gates.

    We will not agree all the time but when their is a majority of residences
    speaking up against or in favor of something we must listen & work together
    to find a solution. Too often residents are told that nothing can be done &
    our hands are tied. I believe the residents deserve better.

    Please feel free to e-mail me direct or call me if you have any other concerns.
    e-mail: Cell#: 818-632-3990

  3. Al in SoCal Friday, November 7, 2014 at 9:33 am #

    Thanks for the reply – it was honest and I know a lot of people were and still are against the gates. I see both sides to that, but still remain kind of opposed. I see your point though.

  4. Neil Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 8:16 pm #

    You seem like a good guy and I like that you served your country in the Military and want to continue to serve locally.

    I have one simple question. You own an insurance company but don’t have an insurance license.
    Why don’t you have a license?

    You can’t sell, quote or write policy without a license. It seems like a pretty simple process and test.

  5. Fronnie Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 8:35 pm #


    Juan posted his phone number and email in his reply comment. Also, here is the address for his candidate website

    You should contact him directly for a response to your question.

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