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Judge rules Los Angeles Dodgers community property–for now

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A Los Angeles judge handed down a legal ruling today that could mean more bad news for the Dodgers. This morning, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon threw out a 2004 marital agreement, between Jamie and Frank  McCourt, that would have given him sole ownership of the team.

Frank is not thrilled with the ruling and has indicated he will continue the court battle with some new strategies — which could tie the Dodgers up in legal limbo for years.

On the other side, Jamie McCourt’s lawyer, Dennis Wasser said in an interview on KNX 1070 newsradio,  that he is pleased with the decision, but a settlement would be in the team’s best interest “… the Dodgers deserve some stability in the front office…”

The battle between the co-owners of the Dodgers has been raging since they filed for divorce back in 2009. This legal fight was a distraction to the Dodgers during the past season and continues to be so in the preps for next year. I think it’s pretty clear that Frank should do what’s best for the team and pay Jamie whatever she wants to get full control of the team — so everyone can move forward.

More on the judge’s decision and McCourts’ battle over the Dodgers on the   Los Angeles Times website.

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