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“Marley & Me” leads the pack at the Box Office

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“Marley & Me” top dog again.


Moviegoers are seriously digging “Marley & Me.” For the second straight week, the family drama is the number one film in the country. Over the New Year’s holiday weekend, “Marley & Me” fetched an estimated haul of $24 million. 

“Marley & Me,” based on a best selling novel, stars Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson and it opened on Christmas Day. Since then the doggie-friendly flick has racked up a domestic gross of around $107 million. Three other films with big stars debuted on Christmas and are in the top five as well.  

In second place, Adam Sandler’s “Bedtime Stories” with $20 million, followed by Brat Pitt and Cate Blanchett in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” which earned around $18.4 million for third. Tom Cruise’s Nazi drama, “Valkyrie,” grabbed fourth with $14 million. Rounding out the top five, Jim Carrey’s “Yes Man” with $13.9 million; it has rung up $79.4 million since opening on December 19.

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