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Mega Millions jackpot blows up to $636 million!

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Lottery fever is sweeping the country! In a matter of days, the Mega Millions jackpot exploded from $550 to $636 million — and that money pot is still growing! It is now nearing the all time Mega Millions record of $656 million —  won by a group of players on March 30, 2012.

As part of the new rules that took effect last October, the game now has a new second prize feature of at least $1 million. To win this prize, you have to match five of the winning numbers, not including the Mega Ball. Since October, players in 16 states have become millionaires with this new feature, however, none of these lucky tickets were sold in California.  Now, that’s real bummer.

The next chance to score some of the dough in this big money game is tonight. The draw happens after the ticket buying closes at 7:45 p.m.

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