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Mega Millions jackpot cracks the $100 million mark

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The Mega Millions lottery jackpot just got super-sized.  No one matched all of the winning numbers in last Tuesday’s draw, so the jackpot blew-up again. It’s now hovering at around $101 million. I get the feeling lottery tickets are going to be selling fast today, come rain or shine.

Oh, last Tuesday’s game was not a total wash in California. Two tickets had all of the winning numbers, except the Mega Ball. Each is worth a cool $252,588.  That could add a little cheer to the upcoming holiday season.

A massage therapist out in Canoga Park has cashed in one of those quarter- million dollar Mega Millions ticket. Tracy Evans told lottery officials she usually wagers only $1 at a time on the lottery, but felt lucky and bought $6 worth of tickets. One of those tickets hit it big for Evans, who registered for nursing school a few days ago.

Evans says her winnings will allow her to ” go to school..” without worrying about how to pay the bills.  

Tuesday’s winning numbers: 2, 9, 14, 37, 42, and the Mega Ball 41.

The next draw is today at 8 p.m.

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