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Mega Millions jackpot cracks the $100 million mark again

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Another big money Mega Millions lottery draw coming up. Today that moolah stash is up to $102 million. The jackpot grew by several million last Friday, when no one selected the correct numbers in that draw. Those winning numbers: 2, 5, 45, 46, 47, and the Mega number 37. Two California players got all but the Mega correct. Each one of those tickets is worth a$312, 766. The next draw is tomorrow, Tuesday at 7 :45 p.m.

Meanwhile,California lottery officials are still waiting for several winners from that historic $656 million Mega Millions jackpot to step forward and claim their prize. Twenty-nine Californians got five of the six numbers right in that draw, held a month ago today. All but three have cashed in their ticket — which is worth $227, 000.  One of those tickets was bought in the Hollywood Bazaar at 6701 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood.

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