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Mega Millions jackpot — one ticket wins at least $312 million

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Logo for the Californa Lottery and the Mega Millions game

Finally, someone has a Mega Millions lottery ticket with all of the winning numbers from last night’s draw. Sigh, that ticket is not at my house — not even in California. The ticket that won the estmated $312 million jackpot was purchased in New York. There are reports that in the final count that jackpot could top out at $319 million.

The winner gets the choice of 26 annual payments or a one-time cash option. Either way, the ticketholder is going to be very rich.

The Golden State did not get totally shut out of the big money. Five players got all but the Mega Ball correct. East ticket has a value of $287,323. The winning digits: 22,24,31, 52, 54, and the Mega Ball 4.

The next Mega Millions draw for a $12 million jackpot is Tuesday, March 29, 8.p.m.

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