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Mega Millions results: 10 big winners in California

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The second largest Mega Millions jackpot is history. In yesterday’s draw for a $380 million money pot — two tickets — one in Idaho and the other in Washington state — had all six of the winning numbers.  Those lucky digits are: 4, 8, 15, 25, 47, and the Mega Ball 42. Mega Millions is played in California and 41 other states.

Yesterday morning, the double M jackpot soared to $355 million. By game time last night, lottery fever had pumped that jackpot up to $380 million. Even though, no one in California won the major prize — 10 players picked all of the winning numbers except the Mega Ball. Each of those hot tickets is worth a nice $209, 300.

The next draw is Friday, January 7,  at  8 p.m. The jackpot has shrunk to $12 million — not huge, but still plenty of dough to take care of a lot of money worries in this struggling economy.

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