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Mega Millions lottery fever

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Mega Millions lottery fever is likely to afflict even more folks in the next few days. The reason: the Mega Millions jackpot has exploded and is now $237 million !!! Again, no one picked all of the winning numbers in yesterday’s draw.  The lucky numbers: 6, 18, 36, 40, 49 and the Mega Ball 7.

Two California players did win a chunk of dough in Tuesday’s draw — more than a million dollars.  Each of their tickets had all of the winning numbers, except the Mega Ball. Each ticket is worth $597, 869. 

Lottery fever really kicked in for Tuesday’s Mega Millions game. Yesterday morning,  the “Double M” jackpot officially increased from $196- to -$200,000 million. The next draw is Friday, December 31, New Year’s Eve,  at 8 p.m.

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