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Michael Jackson documentary and new single on the way

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Photo: Megan Lewis/Reuters/Files — November 17, 1996 Sydney, Australia

Some dedicated Michael Jackson fans are already lined up at the Nokia Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles for tickets to the screening of a documentary about the late entertainer. What is truly  amazing is that some of those fans got in line yesterday, but the tickets for the advance showings of “This is It” don’t go on sale until sometime after 12:01 a.m. this Sunday morning!

The first 500 ticket hopefuls will reportedly get commemorative tickets designed by Jackson for his London concerts. The popstar was rehearsing in the Los Angeles area for those performances when he died suddenly on June 25, 2009. An overdose of prescription drugs reportedly played a large part in Jackson’s death, however, a criminal investigation continues into the circumstances and events surrounding the tragedy.

The “This Is It” documentary contains behind-the-scenes footage of Jackson preparing for what he had hoped would be the kick-off for a comeback tour. Around three thousand tickets will be available for the the advance L.A. screening on October 27. “This Is It” will be in theaters nationwide for a two week run starting October 28.  

Also, we’re not going to have to wait that long to hear a new Jackson single called,”This Is It.”  A version of the song will reportedly hit radio airwaves on October 12. The single will be one of two versions of the song on the “This Is It” disc album set for release worldwide on October 26, to coincide with the appearance of the Jackson doc in theaters. 

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