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More Hollywood movie deals: Ron Howard, “50 Cent,” & spec script sales

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Academy Award winning director set to make a film about adultery

Director Ron Howard is reportedly lining up a comedy, written by Allan Loeb, about infidelity as his next project. The Hollywood Reporter says Vince Vaughn has committed to play a guy who learns his best friend’s wife is a cheater. Kevin James is in negotiations to take on the role of the best friend.

Imagine Producer Brian Grazer came up with the idea. Grazer did not have far to look for inspiration with all the cheating celebrities and politicians in the news these days. And have you checked out the everyday lying cheats, women and men, on TV’s “The Maury Povich Show” lately? Plenty of material there, too.

The cheating comedy could go before the cameras as early as this spring. Oh, you might remember, Howard won the Oscar for directing “A Beautiful Mind” (2001). He shared the best picture Academy Award for the same film with Producers Grazer and Eric Fellner.

Rapper “50 Cent” is now a screenwriter

Big time rapper-turned-actor-turned-screenwriter, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson or “Ffity,” is firing up a new project through his production company, Cheetah Vision. “Ffity” has co-written a sports drama, “Things Fall Apart,” with writer Brian Miller. The Donedealpro website says the script is about a star college football player who faces personal tragedy and his own mortality in his senior year.

“Ffity” will star. Mario Van Pebbles has reportedly come aboard to direct.

A “Killer” spec screenplay sold

The spec script market continues to show signs of life. Hyde Park Entertainment and Parkes-MacDonald Productions have teamed up to purchase and develop the spec script, “Killer.”  Kenny Golde’s screenplay is a cat-and-mouse thriller about a rogue police investigator who discovers a video left by a killer and sets out to capture the culprit. The script sold for six figures, according to Donedealpro.

A first spec script sale for two TV writers

Successful TV scribes, Sonny Lee and Patrick Walsh, have made the move to writing for the big screen. Lee and Walsh have written for the FX comedy series, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Nikki Finke is reporting that the writers have sold their first spec screenplay called,”21 Shots” about a guy who loses his I.D. on his 21st birthday and has only one day to find it. Some folks who have read it, say this script is very funny.  It was bought by Montecito over at Paramount. No word on the selling price, however, since the writers are repped by CAA it was probably a nice deal with plenty of dollar signs.

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