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More showers for our drought plagued Southland

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Showers are sweeping through the Southland today. In Burbank, a steady rain is falling and it’s cold this morning. The temperature is around 50.  Only a few days ago, folks here were out jogging, walking, or driving with their convertible tops down in 80 degree weather!

Right now the Golden State is suffering through drought conditions, so every little bit of rain is a big deal. Last June, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a “statewide drought” after two years of below average rainfall. 2009 started off pretty dry until last month, when we got pounded by several major storm systems.

Weather watchers aren’t predicting much from today’s storm, somewhere in the range of a half an inch. Probably not enough to change our drought status, but enough to cause accidents on rain-slicked roads and other commuter headaches.

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