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Movie Deals: Madonna to direct true royal romance

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Music Superstar Madonna is set to direct her second motion picture, a romantic drama based on the real-life love affair between King Edward VIII and American divorcee, Wallis Simpson. Edward’s love for the twice-divorced Simpson prompted him to abdicate the throne and marry her in June of 1937. As you can probably imagine, the love affair created an international scandal. The pop diva is writing the screenplay for “W.E.” with her “Truth or Dare” (1991) documentary director, Alex Keshishian, according to several sources, including the website donedealpro.

The singer’s first effort as a feature film director, “Filth and Wisdom,” did not make a lot of waves nor money at the Box Office. The romantic drama about three roommates living desperate lives in a London flat opened back in October of 2008 and quickly disappeared. Madonna’s directorial debut scraped up only $22,406 at theaters, according to

Actress Vera Farmiga is reportedly eyeing the lead role of Wallis Simpson in “W.E.” Farmiga is nominated for a best supporting actress Academy Award this year for her performance in, “Up in the Air.” No word yet, on who might play King Edward.

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