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Happy National Donut Day! Some shops offering freebies

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Krispy Kreme giving away donuts on National Donut Day!

It’s National Donut or Doughnut Day! A day to indulge in the yummy treat with the hole in the middle. Krispy Kreme is going all out by offering free donuts all day long. I spoke by phone with Darlene at the Krispy Kreme in the Empire Center , 1521 North Victory Place, in Burbank at around 3 :30 p.m. today. She said the lines were moving pretty fast and the wait is only about “10 minutes.”

She says the freebie is limited to one per person. Gee, who can just eat one Krispy Kreme? A lot of folks are probably buying a box of donuts to go along with their one freebie.

Some other donut shops are offering free donuts, too. However,  in the case of Dunkin Donuts, watch out– there are strings attached to the free donut. You got a buy a beverage to get their freebie.

More places offering freebies or donut specials here.

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