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New book deal for Producer/Actor Paul Reiser

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book cover for "Babyhood" by Paul Reiser 

TV producer/Actor/Writer Paul Reiser is going after his third bestseller. Reiser just inked a deal with Hyperion Books for “Parenthood.”  According to the publishing website, Galleycat, “Parenthood” is a follow-up to his  other successful books about family.

Reiser’s two previous bestsellers from the 1990s are : “Couplehood,” a funny look at romance and marriage, and “Babyhood,” a hilarious take on  becoming a father for the first time.

The stand-up comic has two sons, ages 10 and 15. In the new book, “Parenthood,” Reiser will reportedly meditate on “parenting, marriage, and midlife.” Reiser says the third book came naturally: “After many years of trying to master the art of being a great husband and father, I’ve decided to write this book so my children will finally have all the proof they need that I have no idea what I’m doing.”

Reiser has appeared in a number of films, but probably is best known for the popular 1990s TV sitcom that he starred in and co-created, “Mad About You.” Reiser’s new book is set to publish next May, at the same time as his new TV series, “The Paul Reiser Show,” is due to launch on NBC.

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