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New comic — Disney Kingdoms: “Seekers of The Weird”

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Disney branched out into the comic book world this month with the debut of its own comic brand, Disney Kingdoms. The launch is in conjunction with comic book giant, Marvel, which Disney now owns.  The first comic, “Seekers of the Weird,” is based on Walt Disney’s idea for a “Museum of The Weird” attraction that was never built.

In “Seekers of the Weird” issue #1, two teenagers, Maxwell and Melody, must team up with their adventurous Uncle Roland to search through the dangerous and mysterious “Museum of The Weird” to rescue their kidnapped parents and  save the world from an evil secret society. Is there a future movie version of this waiting in the wings? I bet someone over at Disney is thinking about that if not working on it already.

More on Marvel and the Disney Blog about the new comic.

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